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Immediate Conversations 1

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Teaching English conversation to beginners and false beginners

Immediate Conversations 1 is a textbook / workbook aimed at Japanese JHS students (complete beginner to false beginner level). Its purpose is to get students to practice real-time, two-way conversations within the classroom.

We believe that having successful experiences of real conversation at the early stages of English learning is very important for students’ future success. This textbook provides them with exactly what they need: simple linguistic material that is immediately applicable in a conversation, and some basic pragmatic advice on how to conduct a conversation in English.


 Immediate Conversations 1
  • ISBN:978-4-9901072-6-0

  • Author:Scott Brown et al.

  • 56 pages (A4), color

  • Price : ¥2,095 + tax

  • English conversation

  • For Junior High School Students​​

Who is it for?

- 1st grade JHS students who have basic reading skills
- 2nd and 3rd grade JHS students or SHS students who haven’t had conversation practice.
- Teachers who are tired of students not speaking in class

What is unique about it?

The linguistic material in Immediate Conversations 1 can be used immediately in meaningful conversations. We have aimed for the optimal balance between simplicity and richness, giving simple structures that allow students to say many meaningful things. This is what most experienced teachers end up extracting from standard textbooks.

Immediate Conversations 1 also uses an original graphic format that is straightforward and simple for students to follow. The accompanying CD contains short, concise explanations in Japanese, saving time and reducing stress on teachers, especially teachers who aren’t confident of their Japanese.

Teacher's Kit

You can directly download these materials in PDF format by clicking the following buttons.

  • Teacher's book(PDF)

These documents are password-protected in order not to be accessed by students, so please contact us by clicking the link below at first.

Ask for the passwords of teacher's books or supplemental materials.


「The method is good. It is simple and based on reality. A good textbook for getting students to speak – you can move through the ideas quickly and smoothly. We have found it’s very good efficient in getting first graders to speak out.」

Lynda Batty

Seinan Jo Gakuin Junior High School

「My lessons are going really well and grading 1st term was a snap!!」

Tania Siler-Jadamec

Kobe Yamate Girls Junior High School and Takigawa Boys Junior High School

「Your book is fantastic. I use it at a nursing school and also with my junior high and first year high school students. The junior high kids really like the format and its practicality. The classroom applications are straight forward and fun. Thanks for a great classroom tool!」

Edward Love

Amagasaki Nursing School and Takigawa 2 Junior and Senior High School

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Contact us / Request a sample copy

Thank you for your interest in our textbooks.
We send evaluation copies free of charge to teachers based in Japan.

We send evaluation copies through “mail-bin”. They will be delivered to you within a week, up to ten days.

If you have any questions or comments about our textbooks, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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